Hotpoint Headache!

So, I’ve only ever bought Hotpoint appliances since getting married back in 1993.  Our first tumble dryer lasted years, our second tumble dryer lasted years so when number 2 finally went to tumble dryer heaven, we bought another Hotpoint dryer and all was good (well, apart from a rust patch that developed under the water collection tank which we discovered around the same time as the announcement from Hotpoint, that certain models were a fire risk)!  I kid you not.

My dryer was an affected model so I contacted the Hotpoint unhelpful Helpline who told me I’d have to wait months (or as its turned out for some, years) for an engineer to come out to modify it, in the meantime I was advised not to use it!  Just what you want to hear in winter when you have a North facing garden and 3 kids!  I mentioned the rust patch that had developed under the water tank and was told it was tough.  My dryer was less than 2 years old and was starting to rust AND  fire hazard.  I was incensed!

My next step was to go and find the email for Hotpoint’s CEO Maurizzio Pettorino and make a complaint, I did this on 26 November 2015 and his office were quick to get in touch.  I wasn’t expected to put up with a rusting fire hazard, I was offered an upgrade new replacement instead, which I received on 18 December 2015 and all was good for 4 months, then it stopped heating!  Cue another letter to the CEO who to be fair, responded very quickly and another upgrade replacement was offered which arrived in April 2016.

This time we managed to go 8 months before we encountered problems….the drum stopped turning so I contacted Hotpoint and an engineer came out to replace the belt.  I decided at this point that it would probably be a very good idea to take out an extended warranty as I had so little faith in Hotpoint and I am SO glad I did, because today it started to make the most awful noise, heating to almost molten level which caused the digital display to steam up and when I moved the dryer from under the counter top, there was a pile of rubber dust with several flakes of rubber.  I’m no expert but I assume another belt has gone kaput!

I contacted Hotpoint and was told I was just out of the manufacturers warranty so they couldn’t do anything!!!  Yep, days out of warranty and I’d have been stuck with yet another fire hazard!!  I explained I had taken out an extended warranty (thank God) and once details had been confirmed, they booked an engineer Thursday 20 April.

I did email the CEO’s office again, not expecting a reply but I did receive a response, basically telling me as it was outside the manufacturers warranty and that as it wasn’t the same fault as last time, there was nothing they could do.  I did also Tweet a post which Hotpoint Customer Service responded to, they even took the liberty of arranging an engineers appointment for me, altho’ I’d already beaten them to it!

UPDATE – Engineer arrived, the belt that had been replaced on 4 January was damaged due to failure of the belt jockey AGAIN so both belt jockey and belt were replaced for a second time!!  The condenser pump was also replaced as this ‘could’ have be the reason behind the digital display steaming up.  Unfortunately, it didn’t so I tweeted a picture of the steamed up display and I was contacted by telephone.  I was told that they would send an engineer out again which I wasn’t at all happy about and expressed my concerns.  I was contacted the following day and offered a replacement tumble dryer so I’m now on Number 3 and praying that it’s 3rd time lucky altho’ one of the first things I did was to take out 3 years extended warranty….not that I don’t trust Hotpoint appliances or anything!!!!!!


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