Living LAGOM 3 months in!

Here we are a 3 months into our Live LAGOM project experience and I guess you might be wondering how we are getting on? Reasonably well for the most part, we are all definitely more aware of how we can reduce our energy consumption and food waste which can only be a good thing in the long term.

We have swapped energy suppliers….we were with British Gas on a Money Saving Expert Collective Fix tariff which was due to end on 28 February.  We had started off paying £65 a month which was reduced to £37.37 after the summer.  With hindsight I should have asked them to keep our payments at £65 because despite only being £30 or so in  debit they upped our monthly payments to a whopping £81 a month!!!!  Ouch!   I was a bit gutted as my New Years Resolution was to save even more money on our energy bills and here we were with them doubled!

Unfortunately there was no MSE Collective Fix deals and with time running out, I searched for the best deals myself and found a good deal with Eon with a monthly direct debit of £73.  Only time will tell how much of an impact our LED bulbs have made to our energy bills, we’ll definitely see a difference with the summer bill as the solar panels capture sunlight (if we have a sunny summer that is.

So energy bills aside I wanted to share my Best/Worst Live LAGOM purchase(s) so far….

Best purchase – Storhogen battery charger and Ladda rechargeable batteries which have kept my favourite battery operated ‘real flame’ candles going each evening, giving our living room a warm, cosy feel.  My daughter bought some lovely filigree battery operated lights from Clas Ohlson in Newcastle, just before they closed for her bedroom so she’s making good use of the rechargeable batteries too!

Worst purchase – The Bellhare bottles, I had such high hopes for these reusable bottles, I thought they would save not only money, but also would reduce our recycling.  They started off great but the internal seals came out after a short time and resulted in them leaking which isn’t good in a school bag so we’ve had to revert back to buying bottle water until I can find a suitable alternative.

Unfortunately I’m going to miss the second Live LAGOM workshop which is focusing on Growing in Small Spaces, which I’m gutted about but looking forward to seeing what the third workshop is going to be all about.

Until next time……


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