Our first Live LAGOM Workshop

I have to admit to being quite excited when I received the email invite to our first Live LAGOM workshop….not just because it was our very first workshop but also because it was on one of my favourite subjects – saving energy and cosy homes.  I’m already on board with the whole saving energy/cosy homes concept, I have several throws on our sofas and bed and I’m reaching for them rather than the central heating thermostat dial wherever possible (especially if I’m home alone) and my battery operated candles also give a ‘warming’ glow which gives our living room a nice cosy feel.

Our workshop was held on Sunday 5 February at IKEA Gateshead and it was a ‘full house’ with all the Live LAGOM ambassadors turning up to see what our project leader, Richard had in store for us.  We had a walk through the store first and looked at room sets to get ideas on how we could cosy up our own rooms before heading over to our workshop room where tasty pastries and refreshments were waiting for us.  We were asked what we  thought our best purchase was so far (Storhoggen battery charger/storage just in case you were wondering) and it was really interesting hearing what everyone else had to say about their purchases.

Our task for the workshop was to make a draught excluder and we were provided with a piece of fabric that had already been sewn into the correct shape by the very talented, Suki.  We were also provided with a plethora of buttons, ribbons and  fabric pens to decorate our draught excluders to our own taste, adding heart shaped buttons to represent  #Showthelove then stuffing them before taking our makes to the entrance for another Live LAGOM photo.  Not only did we get to bring our draught excluders home but IKEA gave us even more free goodies…..a fantastic Pressa dryer, a cream throw and a fab reusable bag to bring them home in.  I never tire of thinking how lucky we are to have been chosen to be a part of this project.

Both myself and my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and can’t wait to see what the next workshop is going to be about, it was nice to make something together and has fired us both up to get her sewing machine out to make another draught excluder for the back door, we will be going material hunting next weekend.  And if that’s a success, we’ll be looking for another sewing machine project very soon!

Until next time…..





Move over Laurence Llewelyn Bowen….I’m about to steal your crown!


Well, not exactly but I have to say I’m rather proud of our achievement with Operation Daughter’s Bedroom, now that it is complete!   If only I had taken a ‘before’ photo, you could all have gazed in awe and wonder (ha) at the miraculous transformation that has taken place over the last few weeks.  Instead you’ll have to take my word for it, that ‘before’ it was a little-girl-pink, cold, cramped, unworkable space with hideous pink make-up marked carpet.  It was several weeks of stress, painting, shopping and upheaval with boxes and crates everywhere……who knew such a small room could hold so much stuff!

And it is a small  room, just 266cm x 213cm (that’s 8’8″ x 6’11” in old money) with a off-shot little cupboard that had turned into a dumping ground.  A Great British Sewing Bee inspired sewing machine purchase was at the bottom of it all, nowhere to store it, nowhere to use it and we really wanted that to change, so that’s why we asked if we could buy the Kallax unit with desk during our home visit.

With the Kallax unit an acceptable Live LAGOM purchase, we decided that it really made sense to update the bedroom for the long term which meant waving goodbye (and good riddance) to the carpet.   We got bargain Quickstep laminate from B&Q as it was end of range and Barry from BnC Laminate Flooring in Cramlington did a grand job of fitting it for us – wouldn’t trust anyone else to do it!

With new bedding purchased and Walls painted to accommodate a change of colour scheme, we returned to IKEA to purchase a 4 square Kallax unit to sit on top on the 4×4 square Kallax to give even more storage, picture ledges and frames for photos that Eleanor, a budding photographer had taken herself.  The Linnmon desk was returned as unfortunately it took up too much room so a Micke desk is now in situ and is multi purpose – dressing table, homework work area and soon to be, sewing desk.  The sewing machine fits perfectly into the Kallax unit when not in use and we already have plans for our first make….watch this space!!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed ‘designing’ this bedroom makeover, I’ve enjoyed shopping and pulling it all together to achieve what is now a beautiful, calming, well organised ‘grown up’ room with great storage that really works for a teenager and rather bizarrely, it feels so much warmer than it did when the carpet was down….not sure why.  Best of all, our teenage daughter loves her new room/storage.

Until next time……