My first ever blog post

Get me…..writing my first ever blog at the tender age of 47!  Ha Ha!  Have to be completely honest, I don’t really know what I’m doing but I figure if I can find my way around Facebook and Instagram, then I should be able to blog???  I guess only time will tell.

I was recently chosen to become a Live LAGOM ambassador by IKEA…..this means that I am part of a project that aims to help us live a more sustainable life without going to any extremes and IKEA have given us £300 to spend on products that will assist us to do this.  Exciting huh!  As I am part of the project, I along with all the Lagommers have to blog about our LAGOM experience.  I’m really looking forward to sharing our experience with others and in turn, reading about their experiences too.

I applied for the project as with 3 teens in the house I’m always looking out for ways to save money and I was interested to see how we could live more sustainably.  We have been recycling since Newcastle City Council introduced recycling bins so we are doing our bit there but if there were areas we could improve on I want to do it.  We’d had solar panels installed early in 2016 and were already seeing a reduction in our electricity bills but could we reduce them any further?

Living in Newcastle, I attended an Induction morning at IKEA Gateshead in November, meeting other Lagommers and last week the Live LAGOM Project Leader Richard and his colleague Luciana visited my home to chat about what I’d like to concentrate on before I have my personal shopping visit this coming week and I had to make a New Years Resolution.  One that won’t be broken within the first week of 2017.


I’ve yet to finalise my shopping list but I’m mainly focusing on saving energy and trying to reduce our energy bills even further than we have already this year (we’ve had solar panels fitted and swapped energy supplier with MSE Cheap Energy Club and seen a dramatic decrease in our energy bills).  To that end, LED lightbulbs, rechargeable batteries and a battery charger will definitely feature on my list but I need to give serious thought as to what else I can buy that will help us live more sustainably.  With 3 teenagers in the house, I want to choose wisely!

Until next time…………





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